Wife for a day !!

Updated: November 6, 2015


Once a year, for one day, I get to be a wife!  For one day, I am not on my own, a fifth wheel, a single mom or a widow.  I am not even slightly unattached.  I arrive with a better half, and he’s a beast!

Of course, I am not a “typical” wife.  My husband and I meet at a mountain and we compete in a race.  Basically, my legs straddle his head, while I wrap my arms around his hulk-ness and lock my body onto his back.  After we saddle-up, Jesse runs a mountain-side obstacle course.  He sprints over hurdles, up and down rugged terrain, through a water pit and over a sand hill until we hit the finish line. Five out of five consecutive races, we have placed and last year we won the national championship. http://bangordailynews.com/2014/10/12/living/wife-carrying-competition-in-newry-brings-finnish-whimsy-to-maine/

Our first race, I wore sneakers and some tight-fitted clothes.  I landed my position on Jesse and held on for dare life.  I was scared! During the race, I remember thinking wtf am I doing?  Yikes,was it impulsive trouble or love at first sight?  I quickly realized if there was ever a next time, my head would find a helmet.  And, I would never cheat on my husband.  My beast was irreplaceable and I would never feast my eyes on another.  I knew I landed me a keeper.  Jesse’s mental and physical strength paired with our competitive bond sealed our wedded edge.

I compare being a wife in the wife-carrying contest to riding a horse upside down.  Hold on or die.  Or maybe, it’s like getting on an amusement ride upside down without a seatbelt.  Yikes!  The head rush hurts a bit but the adrenalin numbs the pain.

My job as Jesse’s wife is to attach myself to him as tight and close as possible and not throw off his balance.  Its not easy!  Especially when Jesse goes into beast-mode and it literally feels like I’m riding a mechanical bull, and not my dear beloved.  It’s no surprise when the stars come out!  My head awkwardly bounces off his pelvis while my spandex-burnt cheek heat up from all the chafing.  But, I focus on my breathing and listen for the screaming fans.

The pit of water (conveniently called The Widow-Maker) is a freezing dirty mess but I welcome it.  It’s near the finish and since Jesse has to slow down I can  rekindle my loving embrace.  This is also where the crowd clusters around and goes crazy and I can almost feel my feet on the ground.

Next, a mound of sand, the finish line and a teeter-totter ride with my weight in beer!”

One day of wedded bliss!

Here we are on the BBC World News http:http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-29586658


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