The WBA .. The Wife-Beater’s Association

Updated: November 13, 2015




What gives a super star the right to commit a crime and get off on it?  What makes them so damn special and can you break me off a little bit of that something something?

Even though domestic violence has been around forever, I’m beginning to believe there’s a new franchise out there called The WBA and its about as sick as it gets.  Wife-beating for the rich and famous.  Just beat the shit out of your wife, girlfriend or some random and watch your celebrity status hit the roof.  And, if you’re as lucky as Greg Hardy, you can get the charges expunged regardless of the evidence piled up hard against you.

Last week I saw pictures of  Nicole Holder after she had been beaten and nearly killed by her super-star boyfriend.  Later, I read about it.  In one article, a fellow nfl’er commented that Greg had “done his time” and he was lucky to play professional football again.  He also stated the only reason he’s playing is because he’s THAT good….After all, Ray Rice, another “member” of The WBA, hasn’t stepped foot on the field since he punched his then girlfriend (current wife) unconscious on a surveillance camera.

UMMM, excuse me, Greg Hardy “did his time???”

As far as I can tell, he did his time as a free man and got paid his weekly portion of a $13.1 salary.   WOW, now that’s some serious hard-time!  I wonder if he got the 13 MILLION dollar deal (includes work-out incentive, sac and roster bonuses) with The Dallas Cowboys for all his pain and suffering?

Sheeeit, I don’t know about you, but I want a little bit of that hard-time.  The “vacation” I’ve been on is making me want to rob a bank and my kid needs a new pair of sneaks!

~The Rad Widow


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