A week long Markathon for Grieving Children !!!

Updated: November 20, 2015
help Mark Curdo support The Center for Grieving Children

help Mark Curdo help children grieve in healthy ways !!!

Every week my therapist would ask me how I was.  And, every week it made me mad!  Finally, I ended up responding in my monotone voice “I’m good!”  One time he said, “Really?  Are you sure?”  I replied, “I have no choice!”

He looked at me all confused like I might have a choice.  I  felt extremely put out that I had to spell ‘IT’ out to him.  “Do you know who else will take care of my kids?   Who will love, feed, and bathe them?  Who will struggle to pay my mortgage, gas, heat, electricity, sewer, water, and grocery bills and clean my house, do laundry?  Who will work my bartending job?  Tell me who will do all these things ‘for me’ so I can NOT be okay for a little while???”


If my therapist could have pulled an ‘able’ body out of a magic hat to ‘fill in’ for me, I would have said thanks….but, no thanks.  I needed my kids just as bad as they needed me.  But, I still longed for a far away place, a different place.  A place free of judgement and social expectation.

There was no obituary for Devin.  He didn’t lose a courageous battle with cancer or die in the line of duty.  It was not an accident, a heart attack or old age.  He died tho!  He died the way he did and he left.  He left and people continued to judge him.  I can tell you all tho, he battled and fought with all his might to be okay.  And, he loved his kids!

Did he still leave a huge mess for me to brave out?  Yep.

Our safe place became The Center for Grieving Children.  It became our place.  It was welcoming, comfortable and free of judgement.  In one full sweep we were no longer journey’ing alone.  Every week we showed up hauling our baggage and sporting a will to feel strong again.  And every week we were greeted with love and acceptance by a room filled with people who understood our story.  There is no way to describe the connection at The Center but for us it worked like magic!!

The Markathon is the absolute best fund-raiser ever!  A radio man stays awake for a week, never leaves the studio and plays song requests to raise money and awareness for grieving children.  How did this come about?  I don’t really know but I remember Mark saying he felt lucky and fortunate to have never had to experience the loss of a parent.  He said he didn’t know how it felt but he knew he felt deeply connected to helping these kids.  My first interview with him was full of snot and tears, I cried through most of it!  I remember starting to talk, losing my composure and grabbing tissues.  Mark encouraged me and I got through it.

Mark Curdo is an amazing man with a heart of gold and he deserves a huge thank you!  I know it’s not about the thank you for him tho, it’s about helping kids and playing music.  After all, without music where would we go for a good escape/connect?  If anyone can help with this fund-raiser, I thank you.  Pleez know, all donations go to a place that helps kids get through a difficult time!


meet Mark Curdo #WCYY


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